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Try New Things

As a traveler, you are forced to explored new things as you are in a new environment every single time you step foot on that airplane, bus, or train. When you travel, your slowly open up your mind to new things and accept new ideology and take a different perspective at life and the things you see. The way you expand that even more is to try new things.

  • Push yourself to the limit
  • Be fearless
  • Learn to enjoy new things
  • Talk to more people
  • Eat new food

When you try new things, you tend to be more open and learn to more acceptive to other things that come your ways. When your mind begins to open and be more receptive, you will be amazed at how addicting traveling can be.


Go out and try new things today.

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Travel Light

Traveling light is essential for any serious traveler who hit the road multiple times a year. Before I chose to settle down and take a break to build a family; I was an avid traveler. I was on the airplane at least once every two months. Each time I’ve traveled, I usually packed only a backpack with only the essentials. And here are some reasons why I chose to do that:

  1. Take only clothes you truly need; as when you take more than you should, you’ll have no rooms for anything else. I usually go with a pair of jeans, white shirts and a dress shirt for those special occasions where I need to dress up.
  2. Don’t carry a lot of electronics. Thief loves electronic, because it is valuable and easy to sell and everyone wants them.  Before, my work requires that I carry a laptop and a camera. And today, it still does. So my luggage is always packed with gears and they are usually locked pretty tight, but considering the fact that I’ve had thieves unsuccessfully trying to rob me of my gear several times, i suggest that if you can avoid bringing a lot of gadgets, do so.
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When you wake up and say…..

What happen when you wake up one day and realize that I don’t care anymore? Is that what they call midlife crisis? or is that a moment of awakening?

I am trying to decide when that day should come and how I will re-act to it when it does come. The reason is because, I’ve almost hit that maximum load several times. To a point where i was ready to say let’s flip a coin and let it decide my decision to flip my brain and go into roaming mode or continue to deal with things in life.

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A couple of days I wrote an article with a list of values, and on that list of values.. one word seem to have stood out to me this morning: Logical.

What does logical have to do with anything? Well in order to grow anything in life, you have to do it in logical steps and not take random action and expecting results.

I want to take a moment to analyze what the word logical means to me. Logical means making sense. And sometime, I feel that I am doing things that makes sense to me, however, others don’t seem to understand and feel the same way. And this can sometime cause me to have alot of internal conflicts. How I deal with those internal conflicts is something that I am working on daily.

Make rash decisions is not logical; and often time when you drink or place yourself on some type of drinks… you cannot be logical. I’ve found that when I am sober, I tend to make more logical decisions. Although the decisions sometime aren’t easy to live with, but the thought process is more thorough. And this usually leads to higher and better outcome than before while I was drinking.


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Sleep is essential to rejuvenating your body energy. I understand this completely, but yet unable to make myself fa ll asleep for a straight 8 hours a day. As someone who has dabble himself in the medical profession for over 8 plus years, it seems reasonable that he himself should have an answer to his insomnia. But yet currently, I sit awake now on cream color reclining love seat feeling tire and yawning.

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Photograph and memories

As  I am going through photograph that I’ve taken in the past and of photograph that people have taken of me; I feel a big disconnect from that time. It was as if I wasn’t a part of that event or time. There is only a handful of photos that I can truly identify myself with. Why is that? Does those photograph not represent anything? Or am I not too accepting of my past or do I regret that time in the past? If that is the case, how do you suppose I deal with such a situation?


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List of Values

As part of the re-hab program for my DUI incidence in 2013, I had to go through a list of values terminology and ranked them based on the order of their importance to me as a guiding principal for my life. I want to share this list today and perhap later a long in this writing journey, I can re-cap and touch up on my choices and ranking of these core values that I find as important core values/principal in my life.

  • Ambitious (hard-working)
  • Broad minded (open-minded)
  • Capable (competent)
  • Cheerful (joyful)
  • Courageous (stand up for your beliefs)
  • Forgiving
  • Helpful
  • Self-control (restrained, self disciplined)
  • Honest
  • Imaginative (creative)
  • Independent (self-reliant, self-sufficient)
  • Intellectual
  • Logical
  • Loving
  • Polite
  • Respectful

As part of the exercises, we were to place 1 next to the value which is most important to us, and place 2 next to the value which is second most important to us.


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Character Assets

Yesterday, I wrote an entry about character defects and how those characters can be harmful to your personal self development. Today, I want to give you a list of words that are ranked among the best words for character assets. Take a list of these words and see if you exhibit these characteristics on a daily basis.




Open minded











Self Respect

















As I go forth in writing more articles each day. I will work on elaborating each terminology and see how each ones affect my life.

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Writing to heal

Everyday, I wake up to a massive headache. This desire to calm the pain and decrease the anxiety is intense, and sometime I get overwhelm. And I use that reason to sometime drink myself into oblivion to get myself out from thinking about the situation.  I find other ways to counter the massive headache; such as trying to be productive. But i know at the end of the day, I end up with same pain and loneliness that seems to be like only I can understand.

As I sit here tonight, I am face with the same emotion described above. But instead of taking it to alcohol to cure the problem. I am taking it to this journal to write it out. With that said… i like to list some of my thoughts:

  • I feel disconnected
  • I feel concerned
  • I feel too much
  • I use technology to replace the things that I don’t have, which is the emotional connection.

This morning, when i woke up… I was determined to get my finance into perspective. So I added everything into the mint financial software. I’ve been looking at it and feel even more overwhelm, but seems like it is more controllable, now that I see all the numbers in one place. And I feel that is all it is… just a bunch of numbers. So if I can learn to play the numbers game, i can master the product of my knowledge and activities.


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Character defects

As I was sitting through AA several days ago; I caught a glimpse of a picture frame on a wall across the hall from where I was sitting in the back. On that picture it had a list of words and the title of the picture is “Character Defects“. The following list of words were written on that picture:







Self Seeking



False Pride










Self Pity






The reason why I find this picture interesting is because it gives me a list of terminology that I can use to analyze myself and really watch how I react to situations. The more I let these defective character present itself in my everyday life, the more bad consequence will start to show up in my life.

As I my journey go forth and as my writing continue to become more consistent, I will try to take each of these words and really analyze it in depth.

Do you see these character defects in yourself?