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List of Values

As part of the re-hab program for my DUI incidence in 2013, I had to go through a list of values terminology and ranked them based on the order of their importance to me as a guiding principal for my life. I want to share this list today and perhap later a long in this writing journey, I can re-cap and touch up on my choices and ranking of these core values that I find as important core values/principal in my life.

  • Ambitious (hard-working)
  • Broad minded (open-minded)
  • Capable (competent)
  • Cheerful (joyful)
  • Courageous (stand up for your beliefs)
  • Forgiving
  • Helpful
  • Self-control (restrained, self disciplined)
  • Honest
  • Imaginative (creative)
  • Independent (self-reliant, self-sufficient)
  • Intellectual
  • Logical
  • Loving
  • Polite
  • Respectful

As part of the exercises, we were to place 1 next to the value which is most important to us, and place 2 next to the value which is second most important to us.


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