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A couple of days I wrote an article with a list of values, and on that list of values.. one word seem to have stood out to me this morning: Logical.

What does logical have to do with anything? Well in order to grow anything in life, you have to do it in logical steps and not take random action and expecting results.

I want to take a moment to analyze what the word logical means to me. Logical means making sense. And sometime, I feel that I am doing things that makes sense to me, however, others don’t seem to understand and feel the same way. And this can sometime cause me to have alot of internal conflicts. How I deal with those internal conflicts is something that I am working on daily.

Make rash decisions is not logical; and often time when you drink or place yourself on some type of drinks… you cannot be logical. I’ve found that when I am sober, I tend to make more logical decisions. Although the decisions sometime aren’t easy to live with, but the thought process is more thorough. And this usually leads to higher and better outcome than before while I was drinking.


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